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For one reason or another it's been over 3 years since I've last updated this site. During this time I have continued to be contacted by FJer's the world over, with news and information on the mighty FJ. I apologise for the delay in publishing any material. If you have sent me pictures or information that does not appear, please jog my memory and send me a reminder. During the coming months I shall be thoroughly updating the site and some parts will disappear.  I shall however, retain all information and I will still e-mail anyone with anything in particular they want. Some links will be inoperative for a while too. I'll sort things as soon as I can.

The FJ is a great machine just the way Mr Yamaha intended it and many people are content to leave 'well alone'. However there are an increasing number of tried and tested ways of ' improving' or ' updating' the FJ.

Of course, I haven't tried them all myself, and so I am indebted to the many people around the world who have shared their knowledge with me.

It follows therefore that I cannot personally endorse all modifications, you will have to use your own common sense and judge each one for yourself. If you are not competent to assess this or carry out work of this nature, please ask a qualified person to do it for you.

If you have carried out modifications to your FJ, please don't keep them all to yourself, share them with your fellow FJer's and help keep the FJ right up there, as:-



Uwe Heidekr├╝ger's Masterpiece  

Tom Slocum's YZFJ1200R





Horst Blim's FJ Streetfighter

Marc Rittner's Engineer's Delight 



Dave Carter - FJ Ace

Dave Dean Down Under



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E1 F1 G1 H1 J1 K1
L1   L2 M1 N1 P1 Q1

Information on the bikes featured in the Mini Gallery was given sometime ago.  Should anyone see their bike and wish to forward further information for inclusion, please feel free to do so.


1. ENGINE - Performance & Reliability. It could be said that the FJ lump needs no modification. With an overdose of bottom-end grunt, it's a great engine. However, sometimes out of necessity things have to be renewed and suddenly new options appear. For example, the standard exhaust system has a finite lifespan, when time comes to replace it, what' are your options? Sometimes though it's ' too much is not enough' and the search for more and better can become completely obsessive!

2. HANDLING - Suspension Improvements. Personally I have not got any greater satisfaction, than gradually upgrading my FJ's suspension and running gear. The improvements live with you all the time and give confidence in pushing 'just a little harder'.

3. BRAKING - Optimum Performance. Fully fuelled, loaded and ready to go with pillion, the FJ is no lightweight ! The brakes need to be in good order. Touring through hilly or even mountainous countryside is one of the most pleasurable forms of motorcycling and descending these, can be most punishing on the brakes.

4. WORTHWHILE ADD-ONS - The FJ is a great load carrier, which is what perhaps keeps it head and shoulders above some of the other 'so-called' Sports Tourers.





Norbert Stephan's Classic FJ


 Mark Alva's Immaculate Conception


Takumasa Ueno's FJ Babe


Take me there !!

Bob Shammas' FJ1314 Turbo


More Mark Alva

Tyddles Mini Rebuild


Frank Moore's FJZ1200




Kiss ya ass g'bye !!

Rodney Mumfords FJ1380 Drag bike





Horst Blim's Pride and Joy



Deutsche Effjott



FJ Drag King Dan Dorans




Ronny's Eleven Heaven  





7. THE LINKS - Top FJ Links. Drop me a line if you wish to be included, make sure you've got a pretty logo though !


German FJOC

The FJ Resource




I have a Thunderace that has also started to feel the effects of my meddling, if only in a subtle way. Several other Ace owners have been kind enough to send me pictures and information of their Ace's which you may also find interesting. Don't forget, chop a Thunderace up and there's some bloody good bits for the FJ

Latest addition is a GTS1000. Strange beast that I'm starting to enjoy. Hope to get some serious two-up touring done on this next year ! I have also started a small resource for GTS owners.

Any comments or potential contributions are most welcome. Drop an E-mail to Barry Edwards

LAST UPDATE - 4th October  2005