Luggage & Accessories

The FJ is a great load carrier, which is what perhaps keeps it head and shoulders above some of the other 'so-called' Sports Tourers.

HARD LUGGAGE - generally consists of detatchable panniers and top boxes, mounted on a frame which bolts to the rear sub frame assembly. Various sizes are available from relatively small 28Lts up to around 50Lts (Givi).

- Good reputation for build quality. Panniers can make the bike a whole lot wider, nearly one metre (or 40 inches) so don't forget to adjust your riding style accordingly!

- Generally well thought of, with copious carrying capacity. There has been some speculation as to whether these products are available again, following rumours that Krauser went bust. Information Needed

Had several recommendations for these recently. Generally well thought of, though one comment re: bad fitting instructions.

Hepco & Becker- Information Needed


SOFT LUGGAGE - More popular possibly with the custom crowd previously, things seem to be changing. With the number of sports machines coming onto the market, without proper fixing points for pannier frames etc, more attention has been given to soft luggage. There's some advantages over hard luggage too, such as keeping the machine width down. I have been recommended soft luggage by the German company Ortlieb. Further Information needed.

Tank Harness & Bags - A snug harness fitted, by straps, to the petrol (gas) tank. A detachable bag is then clipped on to give valuable additional luggage space. The most popular make, here in the UK, is Baglux. Made in France, they are of good quality and come in a large variety of styles, matched to your colour combination.





Here's some good accessories I've seen or tried. Some have enhanced performance, some have aided comfort and some just for looks.

SCOT OILER - To maximise chain life, this vacuum controlled, drip-feed chain oiler is essential. Easy to fit, relatively unobtrusive and simple in operation, has become an almost compulsory fitment to most high powered, chain-driven bikes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

HEATED GRIPS - Great for taking the chill out of cold weather riding. Obviously only heat the palm of the hand and fingers, then rely on the blood circulation to spread the heat. Nonetheless, very effective. RECOMMENDED

FORK PROTECTORS - Now being fitted as standard to a number of bikes. A small clamp-on shield that protects the vunerable seal area of the forks from expensive damage by flying stones etc. Try Triumph ones, they fit straight on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

CORBIN SEATS - Generally recognised as a high quality replacement for the standard seat.

GEN-MAR RISERS - Some people find the standard FJ bars a little low and far forward. These 'adaptors' allow the standard bars to be repositioned slightly higher and rearward, giving a more relaxed riding position. Information needed.

HOMEMADE RISERS - One interesting solution to this problem is this handlebar conversion by John Slater. He made the risers himself, with several different height options to suit various conditions.

Most relaxing !

John and his baby !

Beautifully made !

MIRRORS - The standard FJ1200 mirrors are not that brilliant, giving a better view of one's elbow than the road behind. Honda CBR1000 mirrors, are reported to give superior vision, combined with good looks.

Another pretty UK FJ !

Better rearview.