Cylinder Head


Since the conception of this site, this page has remained empty. However Bob Shammas, those bikes are featured here did provide me with some material that I have been sitting on. I've final got my 'ass in gear' and got it presented below. Bob tells the story :-

I do still have one FJ (the one with the white wheels), and Jerry Berreth has just completed a cylinder head for it.  He put 30.5mm intakes and 26mm exhaust valves in it (up from 29/25 stock) and it flows over 130 cfm (stock is only 90-92cfm) at 10" of water.  That puts this head in the realm of a Hayabusa!!  Interestingly enough, the Busa's bore/stroke dimensions are 81/63mm, and the FJ1314 is 81/63.8mm - almost identical.  I'm attaching some pics so you can see the handywork.  Lighting was tough but I did my best. 




Looks like that head is a serious piece of kit Bob !