Received an interesting mail from Dan Dorans. Seems he's been squirting the ol' FJ up the strip for sometime now. Dan's words are in mauve below.









Hi Barry, your the first person I've been able to send a picture to that was able to open it. I have lots more if you like. I've owned the bike since new in 84. Unfortunately I just sold it in the fall to purchase a zx12r,I know,I know. In that time I've owned 9 fjs, mostly to fix up and sell using a massive inventory of spares. This bike won the 2000 Cycle Canada Top Gun Award at a 1500 bike rally in Parry Sound at a closed airport runway,top speed . Even against highly modified Hayabusa's, turbo CBX 1100, ZX12R's etc. Pretty good for an old gal eh! In '91 I won fastest street bike at Napierville running 9.52@152 and I'm 185 lbs no equip. I've won several high horsepower shoot outs with it producing a reliable 202 rwhp. Much more was possible but not worth the risk. The bike with the 1314 kit makes 150 rwhp and the nitrous accounts for the other 50 with 20 nitrous 24 fuel jets.For that size engine you can go to about a 30 nitrous jet. In 1988 I set the Canadian record for street legal 1/4 mile with a 9.62 @150. Not all that fast by todays standards but at the time Motorcyclist Magazine did an article front page called "Taking It To The 9's" They were using slicks, wheelie bars,and 1000's of dollars of mods and were just barely able to get into the 9's. To race in the class you had to have street tires, signal lights and no wheelie bars. Anyways enough of that, here's the list of mods to the 1314 engine, I did have a 1450 but for now we'll talk about the 1314 as I feel it was the best.






Many thanks to Dan for sending the pictures and taking the time to give us some interesting information.

Recently Dan has contacted me with news of one the FJ's featured in this article. The bike was bought by Dan's good friend Jeff Macdonald, who has lavished his skill and care on the 'Old Girl'. I think we would have to say she's in safe hands !