Dave Dean's Ace Swingarm Swap


Dave Dean from Australia contacted me earlier this year, infected with Moditis. It was pretty bad, but following a full rear-end transplant, Dave has made a complete recovery !

I attach below extracts from Dave's e-mails detailing his road to recovery.

Hi Barry,

Attached are the photos of the T/Ace conversion. 18/39 sprockets with no offset on the front and just a bit of machining on the rear. We put the rear sprocket 'face in' to give us a bit more room to clear the tyre and chain. We modified the swing arm to clear the rear shock spring (photo 2) and also modified the rear brake master cylinder (photos 1, 7, & 8) to clear the swing arm under full compression. Ended up fitting a Michelin Pilot Road 180/55, itís tight (photo 6) but as long as the chain is tensioned and looked after it should be quite ok. Several other bits of machining of various parts to give just a bit more room all round.

Remember mine is a 1992 model and the seat height is 790.mm. We made up a second set of dog bones to raise it up a bit if I think it needs it.

Main differences for the 92 model are the brake master mod and you will notice that the mufflers on the 92 are mounted on a bracket on the sub frame (photo 9) unlike the pre 1990 model, which mount to the aluminium foot peg bracket. This bracket must be bent outwards to stop it fouling the swing arm.


1 2 3

The distance between the 180 tyre and the chain ended up being 3 mm, as yet I have not run it long enough to see if it gently rubs, we do not think it will be an issue (photo 6)


4 5 6

I like unlike you had to heat up my 4 into 1 pipe and bend it outwards and put an extension bracket to mount it.


7 8 9

I had mine done professionally and they worked out how much to take of the sprocket carrier, we collectively donít remember how much. 




I use an 18 front with no spacing or modification and have a 39 on the rear (which we flipped over for line up).

Nice job Dave. Bonzer !