Horst Blim's Pride & Joy

It seems as though subtle modification is the name of the game in Germany. Horst Blim, whose FJ was previously included in Norbert Stephan's feature, has sent me these great shots. Interesting items include the wider rear rim (on ABS model), which is a modified XJR1300 wheel. The machined alloy torque arm and those attractive turned alloy 'mushroom' crash protectors. There's an XJR1300 collector and downpipes, with Durapipe silencers (believed to no longer be in production). To me these appear to follow the lines of the OEM exhausts nicely, retaining the looks of the standard fitments (without being black of course).


Wide Boy

Wide Rim

Front End

Nice Paint

Stainless Exhaust

Note Extra Rim Width

Note High Screen

Bike looks virtually Stock

Alloy torque Arm

Alloy Torque Arm

ABS Intact !

Stainless Exhaust

Extra Protection

Showing Flip Screen

Side View

Exhausts very like OEM

So Slick !

Turned out nice Again !

Ready to Rumble !

Ready for a Blip !

Alloy Mushroom

Alloy 'Mushroom' best not tried out !

Tucked Up For the Night !

3XW and friend !

Since sending the last pictures, Horst has added another FJ to the Blim fold ! This pristine red, silver and white '88 3CW. He's fitted a 4 into 2 Devil exhaust system which looks pretty stunning, not to mention ' business-like' !

Nice Ass !

Clean as a Whistle !

New Seat and Tank Cover (Baglux)

Very Plush

What most bikes will see !

Devil Zorst !

So it's a big thank you to Horst for sending these pictures and sharing his FJ.