My mates Mark Arliss and Kerry Rawson, being affluent creatures of pleasure, holiday each year in Florida. Between almost constant sunbathing, dips in the pool and trips to the casino they are to be found sampling the delights of some of the world's finest motorcycles. Therefore this year they gave Daytona a miss and paid another visit to Mark Alva, who according to Mark (Arliss that is) owns the finest FJ's he's seen. When you've seen as many as Mark that's quite a compliment.

Since last year another peach has emerged and Mark grabbed these shots.








As always there's beautiful attention to detail. Shot 5 shows what looks like another project bike. Better send our man Arliss back next year to check that out !



There's also these new shots of Mark's favourite bike.



2000 Pix.


 The bike features a 1314 lump, with GSXR1100 38mm flatsides. It also wears a Suzuki 5.5" rear rim with GSXR upside downies at the front.

Sadly, since this article was first published Mark Alva has passed away. I hope the custodians of his beautiful bikes take pride in the works of Maestro Mark.