Takumasa Ueno's FJ Babe

It's always a pleasure to hear from FJer's from around the world, but is with particular pleasure that I recieved corrspondance and these pictures from Takumasa Ueno. Being from the FJ's ancestrial home, it's great to see that the 'old girl' is still recieving attention globally. Ueno, incidentally, is a Buddish priest. Luckily for us, his meditations include motorcycles as well !

These were the first pictures I recieved. Ueno describes the wheels as being Morris Hipoint. They are both 17". Tyres are 120 up front and a 180 on the rear. Ueno uses an offset sprocket to overcome clearance and alignment problems. The exhaust shown is a Devil E4. I am not sure what the brakes are at this stage.


Up to date.

Where those lines going ?

Late Exup forks

Revised flight deck.

These pictures are the latest. Firstly there are the late FZR1000 Exup RU forks. The brake calipers have been upgraded to Brembo's front and rear, with Brembo discs up front. The oil lines are routed around the engine. Ueno tells me this is the current 'vogue' in Japan. The flight deck picture also shows the new Brembo brake and clutch masters. The Devil exhaust has been replace by a CLA SS4 system, made in Japan.

All pretty stuff.

Spin on/off filter.

New look rear.

I'm not sure if the sprocket cover is a 'Ueno special' or whether it is aftermarket, so too the spin on/off filter. She sure good nice clean lines though.



Many thanks to Ueno for taking the time to share his FJ. I somehow think we have not seen the last of Ueno or his FJ Babe.