Norbert Stephan's 'Classic FJ'

Norbert Stephan, from Essen, Germany has sent me information and some super shots of his 3XW. Norbert has subtly modified his FJ to retain the original looks whilst addressing the areas he thought needed 'divine intervention'. This is most apt as Norbert is a Pastor for the Evangelical Church in Essen. Strange that both Norbert and Ueno are both 'men of the cloth', so to speak !


3CV swingarm.

Fat stuff !

Pastorized FJ ?

Yeh ! Who is that guy ?


The 3XW's steel swingarm has been exchanged for one from the earlier 3CV model. Norbert say's this is quite straightforward and uses all the original 3XW linkages. There's an Ohlins shock tucked up there too. Together with a pair of Hyperpro fork springs, this gives much improved ground clearance. 

Hind quarters.

Very Tasteful !

Classic FJ !

Now here's a trick bit. The wheels are OEM Yamaha but have been widened by DEGET to 3.5" front and 5.5" rear. This overcomes the need for any alterations to the spacers, spindles etc. Norbert say's it's a bit expensive, but beautifully done to exacting standards. There's a stainless steel rear torque arm made by Peter Sengwitz to give clearance for a 170 or even 180 section rear tyre. Norbert tells me his mates at the FJ-IG (German FJ Owners Club) are quite 'handy' and a superb alloy torque is also available, (see pictures at bottom of page).

Clean lines.

It's those Ace/R1 calipers again!

FJ11 rear brake lever.

Stainless torque arm.

The engine has a Stage One Dyno kit and a K&N standard filter. There's a Wiseco clutch conversion kit (similar to Barnett), which Norbert recommends. A stainless steel collector box by Motad, forces the exhaust gases through BSM silencers. There's a Racimex oil temperature gauge nestling neatly in the r/h fairing side panel.

A pair of the vastly popular and effective Thunderace/R1 calipers are up front to bring things to a halt, with a rear brake lever from an FJ1100, which Norbert says looks far better.

Just goes to show that sensible modifications can be made to the FJ, without losing any of it's original charm !



 A big thank you to Norbert for sharing his FJ with us. I believe that Yamaha could sell an FJ modified like this in good numbers today. Let's face it, the bike's got nothing left to prove !

Spin On Filter

Spin-on filter

Modified Spring Adjusters

Modified Adjusters

Titanium Axles

Titanium Wheel Axles


Looking good

 Seems that's not what Norbert thought ! He's now added the above for good measure !